Excuse 10. “But I don’t wanna go to a boring meeting!”

How many times have you said this either to yourself or to your friends about AORN? Admit it – I still catch myself sighing heavily the fourth Wednesday of every month (when we have meetings for those of you who don’t know :-)).  I’ve had a long day at work.  I’ve had a bad, long day at work.  I don’t want to hear anymore about WORK today!

You feel like this:


I get to the meeting, still grumbling, settling in for 2 hours of pure torture, only to realize that networking with others from around the city makes me feel better about my bad, long day.  They’ve all been there and they can help you get over that bad, long day! Sympathy abounds at our monthly meetings and you’ll usually get a really easy CEU + DINNER out of it!

Give it a shot.  At least you won’t leave hungry.

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